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WebShark360 is a full service consulting and advertising agency for law firms, taking pride in redefining the art of advertising across old and new media platforms. Our company mission “be so good that they have no choice but to work with you” permeates through everything we do. We handle all aspects of any project, from producing and filming commercials, negotiating the media buys, all aspects of the digital marketing plan, to PR, websites, and social media. If you are serious about becoming the dominate player in your market, contact us today.


Many times for companies that sink millions of dollars into a marketing campaign just to scratch their heads and wonder why it isn’t working. Usually that’s when our CEO gets a call for immediate help to turn the business around. Your brand being found is not enough. Your brand impressing is not enough. Your brand being understood is not enough. It doesn’t matter what the public relations agencies, ad agencies, media consultants and other branding firms have told you. We know what it takes. Our CEO has built dozens of businesses from the ground up. We know our niche. We embrace it. We will work with you to transform your brand and deliver to your business what it is missing.


Most people think branding is about getting your potential clients to choose “you” over your competition (but it’s not). Branding is about getting your potential clients to perceive you as the only solution to their problem. If they don’t see you as the only solution, it means they are still shopping.

Consulting Engagements Starting from $20,000 per month

Our clients, from large companies to venture-backed start-ups, come to us to improve their business, ignite a transformation and dominate their niche.

We keep the process simple and the focus on your marketing goals.


Things move fast. Our CEO can consult with you and help you shape the future of your company. No matter how complex your business questions, our team has the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward. Let us help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.


Many brands are missing out on opportunities every day, simply because their advertising strategy is outdated, not optimized for their target audience or the information they are relying is just not accurate. From developing strategy to execution, let us help you get back on track.


Markets Evolve. Technology Disrupts. Audiences Change. There are hundreds of complex forces pressing against you in business today. Let us help you develop more sustainable business practices and turn your ideas into tangible assets.

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